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  • ER Direct is Mobile Urgent Care That Comes To You

    ER Direct Urgent Care

    Mobile Urgent Care That Comes To You

    Experienced, certified clinicians are ready to help you get better.

  • ER Direct house calls is a new way to get health care.

    ER Direct Urgent Care

    A New Way To Get Healthcare

    We bring everything you need to get better.

  • Call ER Direct to get better, faster!

    ER Direct Brings Urgent Care To You

    Why Wait In Crowded Emergency Rooms?
    When life's little accidents occur, call ER Direct
    and start feeling better faster!

ER Direct Urgent Care Will Come To You

ER Direct Qualified Clinicians Come To You

Qualified Clinicians Come To You

ER Direct provides a time saving solution that allows you to receive top quality urgent care in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We treat all your urgent care needs from simple illnesses to broken bones or cuts that require stitches, without waiting for hours in a crowded emergency room.

Our urgent care clinicians travel to your location within minutes of receiving your call and provide top quality urgent care for less money than the average emergency room visit, without the hassle.

Weekday house calls:
   $175 from 8am-6pm,
   $200 from 6pm-10pm
Weekend house calls:
   $200 from 8am-6pm,
   $250 from 6pm-10pm

*There may be additional fees for travel time or procedures.

Redefining Healthcare Delivery

We bring urgent care right to your front door whenever there is a burn from the BBQ, a sprained ankle from slipping near the pool, or an allergy flare up that requires immediate attention.

When life's little accidents get in the way of your summer fun, call ER Direct and start getting better faster, right in your own home!

Or you can visit us at our Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic in Berkeley.


Delivering mobile urgent care to Western Health Advantage members in Solano County.

Conditions Treated

ER Direct treats a wide range of medical conditions. We even travel with a portable lab that will provide instant lab results.

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ER Direct Clinicians

Our urgent care clinicians have spent years working in hospital emergency rooms and are fully licensed to practice urgent care.

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Patient Reviews

What a great concept and delivery system for health care services! I would definitely use ER Direct again. ~Diane

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What ER Direct Patients Are Saying

"I have never been treated with more respect, concern for my welfare or quality of medical care received than I have with ER Direct. They were prompt, thoughtful, courtesy and focused. Thank you so much for seeing me and taking care of my back! This was money well spent."
~J.B. - San Francisco, CA